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zucchini.jpgMarket Reports - 2018

19th April to 24th April



Products of the Week

  • Lettuce. Zucchini and Truss Tomatoes
  • Imperial Mandarines






Fruit Happenings

The Australian grape season is starting to wind down, so expect to see higher prices, especially for white grapes as they will be the first to finish.

New season Hass Avocado's are starting to flow in, so you may want to look at switching from Shepard's to Hass in coming weeks.

Queensland Imperial Mandarines are in full swing now and prices should be at a good level for the next few weeks. 

Australia Kiwifruit season is also a few weeks away from finishing. However New Zealand kiwifruits are set to start soon.

Truss Tomatoes are in good Supply at the moment and are better value compared to Gourmet tomatoes.

Vegetable Happenings

Local Lettice quality is starting to improve and the price is cheap! Local Broccoli is also starting to improve in quality and is available now at great prices!



Did You Know???? 

  There are many fruits that help burn belly fat? The top 6 fruits are:

Blueberries, Coconuts, Avocado's, Tomatoes, Apples and Pears!