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Market Report - 18/03/2019 to 25/03/2019

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Products of the Week

  • Jazz Apples - These apples are great tasting and a good substitute for Pink Lady apples while they are still dearer in price. 
  • Shepard Avocados

Fruit Happenings

  • Products up in price: Passionfruit. Cherry Tomatoes, Rockmelon
  • Products down in price: Bananas, Tomatoes, seedless watermelon
  • Tomatoes are starting to trickle in a lot more now and prices will may drop at the end of the week. Only buy what you need at the start of the week. 
  • Rockmelons have tightened and the quality is only fair. Please also only buy what you need on these lines. 

Vegetable Happenings 

  • Products up in price: :Lettuce, Cauliflower, Celery
  • Products down in price: Beans, Potatoes, Corn, Onions
  • Due to varied weather conditions, supply and quality of vegetables can be inconsistant.
  • Lettuce has shortened up in supply and quality is only 5/10 and will need to be worked at the store level. 
  • Jap Pumpkin supply is also short and prices have firmed. 
  • Beans, potatoes and corn have come back in price and quality is good. 



Did you Know???

A mixture made of dragon fruit, honey and cucumber juice can moisturize and soothe sunburned skin.