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About Us

After years of providing solutions to award winning independent retailers, food service businesses and other organizations requiring fresh produce, we are confident that the experience of our staff, our developed distribution networks, our progressive outlook on building business and dedication to customizing service to our clients, we are the best partners to give you the opportunity to push your business forward. 

    As a family owned business for over 20 years, with our purchasing and distribution facilities based inside the Brisbane Wholesale Market precinct, we access the best and freshest supply on our doorstep. Our buyers experience provides them with the knowledge to be on the market floor confidently making decisions best suited to your needs.

    Our reach can extend beyond the local marketplace, with supply contacts throughout Australia to give us widespread options. 
    Expanding our facilities recently to secure a platform which can support our growth and provide the best environment for the delicate products we handle, combined with strong relationships with reliable transport and logistics providers, gives our customers confidence that our supply chain is professionally supported to deliver the best service possible.
    The best way for our business to succeed is for yours to succeed also. We can step you through our ordering process and combined with our distribution network, we will provide you the best possible solution for your business. Our aim is to provide professional advice to our customers, by means of hands on assistance when required by our experienced support staff at your business. We also support and honor your brands catalogue promotional programs, can customize additional promotional plans specific to your store's needs, provide floral and potted plant offers, nuts, eggs, assorted gourmet grocery offerings, assistance to source retail and merchandising material to create a superior offer to your customers, along with staff training. 
    All of the factors mentioned above are aimed at one thing - growth. We are moving ahead with the philosophy that the retail environment and consumers tastes are always evolving; competitive forces are always looking to encroach and as such we need to evolve in order to grow too. Traditional supply models and ways of thinking need to be enhanced, as our success moving forward is now based more than ever on a working partnership. 

    We have a vested interest in retailing, therefore more focus on retail execution, developing our stronger buying power, dedication to building sales and not just supplying a product, being in a strong position to challenge competition and focusing on service is the best model for a successful retail operation. 
    This is a brief analysis of our philosophies and services. To answer any further questions, or discuss details and specifics pertaining to the successful support of your business, please contact us.